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Academic High School Parking Structure
Elizabeth, New Jersey
As in any city with a dense urban fabric, parking can be difficult. The immediate area surrounding the site contains a private high school as well as a newly planned public Academic High School. The intent of the parking structure is to facilitate the high demand of parking by the teachers, staff and students, improving the educational experience.

The new 78,000 square foot multi-level parking garage houses 350 cars. It is located at the end of a city block and has significant visual exposure along the boulevard. The challenge here was to design a structure that both addresses the aesthetic concerns a garage structure brings to the neighborhood along with the cost constraints.

We examined various elevation schemes and presented to the NJ-SDA (formerly NJ-SCC) and construction manager. Building systems of steel, concrete and prefabricated systems were considered for availability and cost. Pre-cast concrete was selected because of the broad range of colors, textures, and construction advantages it offers. Concrete spandrels with thin-set brick are carried throughout the exterior fa├žade, expressing the structural frame of the garage. A brick panel system was selected to tie the facade to the adjacent private high school. Banners and landscaping were introduced to help soften the visual impact along the boulevard.

This Abbott District project was placed on hold near the end of the construction documents phase pending funding.