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Glen Rock Municipal Building
Glen Rock, New Jersey
The Borough of Glen Rock engaged us to design an addition and gut renovation to the classical municipal building.

The project had been previously designed by another firm and was significantly over budget at the time of bids. We were brought in to reign in the costs and to reexamine the programmatic needs of the client.

The building houses the municipal administration offices, court facility and police department. As is the case in many older towns, the municipal building was undersized and lacked proper maintenance over the years. It was clear that additional space was required to accommodate the various departments and that the original building would undergo substantial changes in its configuration in order to respond to the client’s needs.

Our architects took the unusual step of recommending that selective demolition be completed as a separate contract during the design documents phase. The benefit was to identify the hidden conditions that can derail renovation projects, and to determine structural/non-structural walls to discover design opportunities. Ultimately, the project involved the gut renovation of the existing 15,000 square foot building along with a 10,000 square foot addition designed to maintain the building’s colonial character. The addition was crafted along both ends of the original building to rebalance the aesthetic. The courtroom and its support spaces were designed to meet the recent security changes imposed by the state Department of Justice, as was the police department for the Department of Corrections requirements. The entire facility has new electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems and meets the mandated ADA access requirements throughout.