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South River Public Library
South River, New Jersey
The South River Public Library is nestled on a heavily treed, sloped site.  The existing building has two main floors and two secondary floors that follow the contours down the slope from the entrance level. The intent of the new addition was to expand the public spaces and to connect with the existing facility in a cohesive manner that makes the building flow more naturally.

The 6,000 square foot addition was planned to the southerly side of the existing structure with a terrific exposure to the natural setting. Since the terrain slopes significantly, the new rooms were positioned to take advantage of the view into the tree canopies; like a tree-house. The addition begins with a meeting room and support spaces located directly off of the main lobby. The form of this room derives from the strong lines of the existing and is set apart by a rotation in its plan to receive visitors as they approach the property. The main floor houses the adult reading and collection areas. The large open reading space is designed for technology, art display, and casual gathering. The expanse of glass brings the exterior into this tranquil space and enables the room’s atmosphere to change along with the seasons.

The existing spaces were reorganized to improve the overall function and flow of the library. The connections through to the new spaces are logical and direct, offering the visitor a clear sightline to their destinations.