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Monroe Township Public Library
Monroe Township, New Jersey
The township of Monroe is a rapidly growing central New Jersey municipality. The demographic is heavily young children and seniors. Each of these groups are intense library users thus the need to expand the public library just 10 years after its original construction.

The original 20,000 square foot, one-story library sits within a sprawling municipal complex and has ample area on three sides for the expansion. The new addition encompasses a total of 24,000 square feet and is split into two sections in response to the original building’s layout. The adults and children sections are located on either side of a central aisle. The addition expands upon both of these service areas.

The design was created with the original building’s exterior features in mind. The new configuration permits the original features of the building to remain strong while creating unique forms that express the interior functions. The intent is to compose the new and original building as one seamless entity, both aesthetically and functionally. Exterior reading areas and gardens are planned into the design to connect the natural surroundings to the library interior. Ample day lighting and open sightlines to the exterior views also help make this connection.

"Anthony Iovino acknowledged the challenge, spent time listening to our hopes, dreams and concerns and presented us with a building that is seamless."

Irene Goldberg - Director
Monroe Township Public Library, Township of Monroe, NJ