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Today’s libraries are changing in response to social, economical, technological advances and digital communication. As these changes occur it is important for libraries to stay ahead of the curve
and to constantly question how traditional library services are provided.

We have found that our municipal libraries are becoming the community’s center whereas social-educational activities take place and a more ‘retail’ environment exists. While they have become less
of a ‘storage’ facility for books, they are in fact even more of a repository of knowledge given the technological advancements of our time. Through our efforts on numerous library studies and
designs over the past years we have developed
a keen eye for trends and concepts in library design. We understand that the challenge to library
design is to allow this evolution of services to
occur in an environment that is flexible and one that reflects the community.

"Anthony Iovino is gifted in presenting complex information to varied audiences while leading group sessions. His sense of humor is delightful, he has proven to be a good listener and is a pleasure to work with."

Susan Briant - Director
Haddonfield Public Library, Haddonfield, NJ