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Sustainability is today's idea and tomorrow’s standard. We firmly believe in designing architecture that is responsive to and in
conjunction with the environment we live in. We use many passive and active green design solutions which include reducing a building’s carbon footprint, installing energy saving measures, using regional renewable materials, and building a structure that is suitable to its context. Working with clients, we believe that green does not always mean LEED, and in many cases green tactics can be used in buildings to reduce the cost for the client and reduce the environmental impact to the region.

We maintain a USGBC membership and our firm principal, Anthony Iovino is a LEED A.P. with an ever increasing background in green design. Efficient architecture is only one avenue to sustainability, teaching others is just as important. Our principal Anthony Iovino has
led Green Building seminars for the New Jersey State Library in South Brunswick and for their Blue Ribbon Panel in Trenton. He has also spoken in Hershey, Pennsylvania to library representatives from the North Atlantic States and at Rutgers University on Green Library Design.

Within the past decade as the green movement has caught on, 58 projects within New Jersey have been certified by the US Green Building Council, with over 400 registered pending certification. We have been actively involved in the certification process through projects such as the LEED registered Edgewater Borough Hall & Police Department (pending registration), Berkeley College Residence Hall (pending registration), and St. Thomas Aquinas College Academic and Administrative Building (LEED Silver).